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About us

DME can supply a wide range of excellent second hand and new mushroom equipment to any client, anywhere worldwide. From quote to delivery, all aspects of your order is handled on an individual basis. Our expertise as consultants is well known in the industry and we are able to offer advice and a wealth of hands on experience to all our clients.

Purchase, reconditioning and selling second-hand machinery and equipment for mushroom cultivation.

Our team

Henk Schreurs | DME | Dutch mushroom equipment |

Henk Schreurs 


Over 35 years of experience in mushroom and compost production in leading companies in Holland, Belgium and Germany

Gerard Schreurs | DME | Dutch mushroom equipment |

Gerard Schreurs 


Over 20 years of experience in equipment engineering, specialization production automation.

Worked at several leading producing multinationals. Over interested in technology and troubleshooting technical problems.

DME | Dutch mushroom equipment | Workspace
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