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New machinery

Packing line

DME produces NEW machinery and shelving according demands of the clients. View the following pages to get an impression what we have made so far. Please do not hesitate to contact our experts  they will source and value the material for you.

Packing line

DME can supply custom-made package lines for mushroom packages. Regarding on customer demands and wishes we can determine the right packing solution for your company.

Mostly a packing line consist out of:

  • Input conveyor, at this conveyor an operator inserts the trays into the system.

  • Check-weigher, all trays will be weighed automatically

  • Dividing system, divides trays to the right direction. Trays with weight OK will be lead to a packing machine. Trays where the weight is not OK can be sorted out in under and overweight (3-way sorting) or only weight not OK (2-way sorting).

  • Conveyor for correction of weight not OK trays. In case of 2-way system, this can be a single conveyor with a weighing scale at the end. An operator manually weights all trays which are sorted out and corrects the weight by adding or removing a mushroom. For a 3-way system a walk around system is an option, trays are lead back to the input conveyor and an operator takes a mushroom out of the overweight tray and puts this in the underweight tray. Both trays are inserted (manually or automatically) back into the system and will pass the check weigher again.

  • Packing machine, stretch film machine, cap sealing machine or flow packer. Each packing machine has it’s own infeed system. This can be a normal conveyor or a chain with lugs. It’s possible that an adaption should be made to insert the packages automatically.

  • Label applicator. When the packages has left the packing machine it will be labelled automatically. Can be an applicator for a pre-printed label or label applicator which prints on demand.

  • Several conveyor systems. Straight conveyors, curved conveyors. With a belt a modular chain.

The solution which will be the best for you depends on:

  • Number of operators which are available

  • Speed (trays/min)

  • Available space for equipment

  • Type of packing machine

  • Sorting out (two-way / three-way)

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